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Why does the POP3 connector in Small Business Server 2011 stop downloading email?

The built in POP3 downloaded in Small Business Server 2011 is used to download remote email and deliver it to your Exchange Server.  The Exchange Server will process the email and look for spam by using the built in Intelligent Message Filter or IMF.  If the Intelligent Message Filter finds that the message contains bad content the IMF will refuse to accept the email.  At that point the IMF causes the POP3 connector to stop downloading your email.

Use IGetMail to solve the problem with the SBS 2011 POP3 connector.

If you want to avoid the problem of the SBS built-in POP connector stopping - you need to use IGetMail.  Don't let your email world stop just because one message is rejected by the Intelligent Message Filter.  IGetMail is designed to download all the email at the POP3 remote server and places the email in an archive.  Then IGetMail sends the email to the Exchange Server.  If a message is rejected by the IMF in Exchange, IGetMail will continue sending the rest of your email to Exchange.  So any rejected messages will not stop the flow of email when using IGetMail.

Here's all you need to do to try IGetMail for 15 days:

  1. Download the IGetMail setup program.
  2. Install IGetMail on your Small Business Server and configure IGetMail to pull your email from any remote POP3 email servers you use.
  3. When installing IGetMail, you will need to give IGetMail access to your remote POP3 email accounts and to your Exchange Server. 
  4. Disable or turn off Exchange's built-in POP connector to avoid duplicate email download.
  5. Follow along with our easy installation steps for setting up IGetMail.
  6. You will have 15 days to give IGetMail a try.  Make sure you purchase a license to continue using IGetMail past the 15-day trial period.  Read more about how to buy an IGetMail license here, it is only $129!



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