IGetMail Automatically Downloads email and forwards your email to your Exchange Server or remote SMTP Server

IGetMail - Pre-Sales & Purchasing FAQs

  • Q:  Does the 15-day trial software come with all the features available for use during the trial?

    A:  Yes - The IGetMail trial download is the fully-functional software.  The only limitation is that it will run for 15 days.  IGetMail will start sending you email notifications when the trial period is getting close to the expiration date, so you will have plenty of time to place your order for a license to keep using IGetMail running past the 15-day trial period.

  • Q:  Do I install IGetMail at my location or is it a web-service that I subscribe to?

    A:  IGetMail is commercial, retail software that you install on a computer at your office.  IGetMail is not hosted by a third party and it is not "Software as a Service."  IGetMail is designed for you to install at your location and use it from your location.  Typically, IGetMail is installed on the computer that is running your Exchange Server.

  • Q:  What versions of Exchange Server does IGetMail support?

    A:  IGetMail can be used with all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server (such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000), as well as any other email server that supports SMTP. Because IGetMail sends email to an email server using SMTP, it will work with all versions of Exchange, even ones to come in the future.

  • Q:  Does IGetMail run as a Windows Service?

    A:  Yes.  IGetMail is an application that you install on a computer at your location.  The Setup program installs IGetMail as a Windows Service.  Since IGetMail runs as a Service, it runs all the time whether you are logged into the computer or not. 

  • Q:  Is IGetMail a shareware product?

    A:  No.  IGetMail is not a shareware product.  IGetMail is commercial retail software that we make available for evaluation in the form of a 15-day trial to encourage you to try using IGetMail in your environment.  Our goal is that you find IGetMail so easy to use that once you have it setup you like it so much you want to purchase a license to keep using it past the 15-day trial period.

  • Q:  How can I tell how many days are left in the trial period?

    A:  IGetMail keeps track of the number of days you have left in your trial period, which starts on the day you install IGetMail.  To find out how many days are left in your trial period, go to the computer running IGetMail, run the program and take a look at the message that appears at the bottom of  the Accounts Panel.  It should tell you how many days are left in your trial period.

  • Q: Do I have to open any ports in my firewall to use IGetMail?

    A:  No.  IGetMail is firewall friendly. Typically, IGetMail is installed on the Exchange Server, so when IGetMail connects to your remote email servers to download your mail it is making an outbound request which should go through your firewall without any modifications.

    We find that many users like the fact that when they use IGetMail, they can keep their Exchange Server hidden behind a firewall that denies all external access.  This works because IGetMail connects outbound through your firewall and delivers the mail internally to Exchange.  When Exchange Server sends the mail, this is also an outbound function that goes through the firewall that is configured to deny all inbound traffic.

  • Q:  If I place an order through the website, how long does it take to receive my License Key?

    A:  We know your email is important to you, so when we receive an IGetMail order, we try to process it as fast as possible.  Make sure you include an operational email address on your order form - because we will email the license key to you unless you specifically request otherwise.

    Generally, we process orders on the same day they are received; with orders placed on a weekend or US holiday getting processed the next business day.  We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix) so we are in the Mountain Standard time zone.  If you place an order on a week night after 5pm MST, the order is processed the next business day.

  • Q:  What do I receive after placing an order?

    A:  When you submit your order using our online, secure order form, you will receive an Order Confirmation Email sent to the email address you specify on the Order Form.  Once we process your order, we will email you instructions on how to enter your license key and attach a PDF copy of your invoice for your records.

  • Q:  I have placed my order online but I have not received anything yet - what should I do?

    A:  If you are concerned that too much time has gone by and you have not received your license key via email, you can send us an email to sales@lockstep.com and provide your full name, company name and contact details so we can make sure we have received your order. 

    Because we receive many orders from outside the United States, we do ask that you allow 24 hour processing time if you are located outside the United States. 

  • Q:  What is the upgrade policy?

    A:  Here at Lockstep Systems, we think of upgrades and updates as two different things.  Upgrades are significant new versions of the software for which we charge an upgrade fee.  Updates, which can also be called patches, are usually small changes to the software that do not warrant an upgrade fee.  Please note that Lockstep Systems, Inc. reserves the right to change the upgrade, maintenance and technical support policies at any time without notice.

  • Q: Is IGetMail secure?

    A: If you are using POP Servers that require SSL/TLS in order to provide a secure connection to the POP Server, IGetMail can connect using SSL/TLS.  It also works when sending your email to your Exchange Server.  If you have Exchange Server setup to require SSL/TLS to provide a secure connection to your Exchange Server, IGetMail will use SSL/TLS to keep things secure. 

    IGetMail supports access to the POP servers and/or SMTP servers through SSL/TLS. SSL/TLS provides for secure data transfer.

Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use IGetMail software to download their email from remote Servers!  You can too!

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